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Welcome to the Outer Rim

Drifters, smugglers, outlaws, yeah we’ve got ‘em all. Even got a few folks clinging to some old religion that’s pretty much dead.

We’ve got Imperials, too, but they’re pretty easy to avoid the closer you get to Hutt Space. Oh, the Hutts? Heh, you’ll run into them soon enough if you haven’t already. The Imperials will tell ya they make the rules, but we all know it’s the Hutts calling the shots around here.

You look like you’re in a hurry but you should check out the cantina before you head out. Mos Shuuta might be a small place, but the cantina makes some of the best drinks around. If you’re gonna hitch a ride outta here, it’d be nice to get a little liquid courage first, right? ‘Sides, you might find the ride you’re lookin’ for… if you name the right price.tatooine.jpg

Home Page

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